CHEM 7 Archive 2018-2019

Comp Rev. White Boards 2018: WB chem 7 comp rev 2018 #1 WB chem 7 comp rev 2018 #2 WB chem 7 comp rev 2018 #3 WB chem 7 comp rev 2018 #4

Chemistry Comp Materials:

WB Chem 7 comp rev 5-10-18

chem 7 practice comp

 Chem 7 2018 native comp review

7th grade chemistry_common comps_studyguide 2018

White Board Week 5-1 thru 5-4: 5-1 thru 5-4 White Board 7 and 8 with answers


4-10-18: Upcoming lab videos: Go to Laboratory and Instruments: Watch Spectrometer 1, 2, 3, 4.


4-10-18 Upcoming Lab:


Post Spring Break: 3-19-18; White Board Review. WB Chem 7 Heavy stoich with Answers

Week 2-26-18: Types of Reactions: Types of Reactions 2018


Graded Lab Thursday: Here is the lab theory from Wed. Mm by titration:

Week 2-12-18; Neutralization lab: Calculation mass Na metal by titration with HCl. Graded lab after one day of practice. See neutralization lab #2 video assigned below.

Monday-Thursday (week 2-5 to 2-8 ): Graded Lab on Thursday

Wed. and Thursday: Neutralization Lab.

Monday, 1-29-18; Molarity and Neutralization Reactions. Watch the following videos before Wed., 1-31-18 to prepare for lab. Go to link: Laboratories and Instruments, videos: Molarity Unknown Base solution by titration, Neutralization Laboratory Calculations, Neutralization Laboratory #2.

Thur., 1-25-18; White Board.

Wed., 1-24-18; % mass (see packet stoich I) then White Board.


Monday, 1-22-18: After Precomp: Limiting Reactant: stoichiometry II 1-17-17; Watch videos:Go to Theoretical Yield and Limiting Reactant and watch: 1) Practice with limiting reactants #1 and 2) Practice with limiting reactants #2.


PreComp Review 1-8 to 1-12:


Monday, 12-18-17; Graded Lab; Have a great break!

Thur., Mock 5 Chem 7 Test 12-8-17 review test. Take the weekend off.

Monday, 12-11-2017; Graded Lab. Review Theoretical Yield calculations for W and Thur.

2017 Pre-comp Study Guide: Review sig figs basics for common exam. No sig figs on native.

Mock Precomp chem 7 2017; this was not the test you took in class

5_Chem 7 Test 5 12-8-17

precomps – study guide 2017 chem 7 common

Chem 7 precomp review list native

2_significant digits_cheat sheet

3_Test 3_lab safety_measurements_matter_pertable

WS-Classification of Matter

Test 1

WS-Classification of Matter


Monday; 12-4-17: White board-practice theoretical yield and %yield. Review video assignments found below on theoretical yield and % yield.

Here is the last white board with answers: WB chem 7 11-16-17 with answers

Wed, 11-29-17; White Board Theoretical yield.

Monday, 11-20-17; Have a nice break!

For Monday: See video assignments for 11-20-17 below. You will be white boarded on Monday over this content.

Wednesday, 11-15-17; Quiz and graded lab on Thursday. Graded lab will be hard cation coupled with either chloride, iodide, nitrate. The quiz will be questions on the back of the graded lab: Lewis formulas and naming.

For Monday, 11-20-17, watch and know the following videos: Go to Link, Theoretical Yield and Limiting Reactant. Watch Theoretical Yield #1 in Series and % Yield and Mass of Other Reactant. You will be white boarded over these concepts on Monday.

Monday, 11-13-17; Balancing the alkane redox equations and The Mole. Go to Mole and Chemical Formulas and watch More on the mole and So you think you understand the mole. Stoichiometry I 1-17-2017;

Test on Wed. 11-8-17; study up: WB Chem 7 11-2-17 with answers

Thursday, 11-2-17: White Board Lewis Formulas. Weekend 11-4/5-17; Got to link “Mole and Chemical Formulas. Watch “The Mole” and “More on the Mole” for monday.

October White Board: WB chem 7 10-20-17 with answers

Wednesday, 11-1-17: White Board Lewis Formulas.

Monday, 10-30-17: Read and practice all structures: Lewis Formula Drawing 8-3-16; Quiz and Test Announcement: Quiz Thursday, 11-2-17 over lewis formulas and naming; Test Wed.,  11-8-17 comprehensive including lewis formulas and naming.

Thursday, 10-26-17; Graded Lab; Weekend, 10-28/29-17: Video Assignment: Go to Lewis Formulas and watch: Lewis Formulas #1, #2, #3

Wednesday, 10-25-17; Lab day-AgCl from PbCl2; Graded lab on Thursday. Murarka Method or Easy Cations, easy anions, nitrate.

Monday, 10-23-17: Lab; separation of AgCl from PbCl2. Finish White Board: WB Chem 7 10-17-17

For Monday, 10-23-17: Review Net Ionic Precipitation Reactions and Ionization Reactions. Finish White Board.


Wednesday, 10-18-17: White Board; Thursday, 10-19-17: Lab: Separation of AgCl from PbCl2 solid.Separation PbCl2 from AgCl

Monday, 10/16/17–Precipitation Reaction Handout–complete as homework for wed. 10-18-17

Wednesday, 10-4-17: Graded Lab on Thursday. Murarka Method, easy anions, cations, and nitrates. On the graded lab there will be 5 naming questions.

Monday, 10-2-17: Laboratory and Naming. Murarka Method, easy anions, cations, and nitrates. On the graded lab there will be naming questions.

9-29-17; Lab Updates:

Thursday, 9-28-17; Lab Day: Master Murarka Methods for 1A and some 2A cations including anion; Nitrate Test. Practice unknowns. Graded Labs next week.

Wednesday, 9-27-17: Naming Worksheet (Naming Worksheet with Answers) should be complete by next Monday. Today: Examples of Type I and II compounds, simple covalent compounds, then Lab. Murarka Method for identifying group 1A cations in an unknown.

Monday; 9-25-17: Ionic Compounds; Type I and II; Ionization Equations.

Thursday; 9-21-17: Graded Lab; Upcoming weekend: know your elemental ions; know polyanions and preview Type I and II naming.

Wed., 9-20-17: Types of Compounds 9-11-17; Graded lab on Thursday (9-21-17): You will have to identify an unknown that contains an easy cation and easy anion. Graded Lab

Thursday, 9-14-17: Grades for G1 were entered in CJ’s today. For next week begin Types of Compounds 9-11-17 Packet. Complete the section on Elemental Ions, familiarize yourselves with the name, formula, and charge of nitrate, carbonate, phosphate, sulfate, and hydroxide.

Wed., 9-13-17; Test Day; Tomorrow, 9-14-17; laboratory.

Test on Wed., 9-13: Review white board today.Test Review Sheet 9-11-17precomp-review-white-board-1-13-17-answers

Today, 9/7–Lab: see Precipitation Analytical Lab 9-26-16

Week 9/6 to 9/8 2017: Test Next Week; and See Energy Levels and Shells Periodic Table

and Periodic Trends and Electron Configuration Worksheet and Answer Document

Weekend 8/2-8/4 2017–take the weekend off. I moved the test to Wednesday, 9-13-2017!!!!!

Week 8/28 to 9/1: Quiz Thursday over Electron Configurations, Orbital Diagrams, and Periodic Trends. For Periodic Trends see: Periodic Table and Trends 2017-2018

Weekend, 8-26/27-17: Read and know Force of Attraction Packet.

Test Announcement: Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017: Quiz this week on Thursday. Quiz will cover mixtures, physical and chemical properties of matter, gas testing, balancing equations, lab questions. This week we focus on Electron Structure, Core vs. valence electrons, force of attraction, Periodic Trends. See the following documents:

1.Basic Structure of Atom

2.Electron Configuration 2017

3. Force of Attraction on Electron 2017


Today’s Lab 8/17: White Board:

1) Make sure you can balance the four chemical equations on the white board. 2) Know the test for hydrogen and the test for oxygen and be able to perform the tests on demand successfully. 3) Answer all the questions on lab handout. 4) Watch the following videos by Thursday, Aug. 24. See Link: Atoms; watch video; See Link Electron Configuration, Orbital Diagrams, PES and watch Electron Configuration Basics 1.

Today’s Lab 8/16–See lab handout linked below if you already lost your hard copy. Make sure to answer the questions posed in the document. Also, answer the questions that will be posted on the white board today.

Week 8/14 through 8/18 Laboratory on Physical and Chemical Properties of elements and salts of elements. Flame Testing; Reactivity 1A and 2A metals with water; Reactivity of transition metals with HCl solution; Learning the test for hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. Lab Handout: physical and chemical states lab

Weekend 8/12 through 8/13: No homework

Wednesday, 8-9-17: Quiz tomorrow. Quiz will cover measurement and safety rules. Multiple choice and actual measurements taken off graduated cylinders and burets. In class today will start with Mixtures and progress toward pure substances–this is review from 6th grade. See: Chem 7 and 8 Intro

Quiz on Thursday, 8-10-17 over Lab safety and measurements. Multiple choice and actual identification of volumes off of graduated cylinders and burets.

Monday, 8-7-17: This week we will cover the following material:

  1. Chemistry Lab Safety Rules.v1_0
  2. measurements-chem-7-25-17

Thursday, 8-3-17: Review Lab Glassware Power point.

Chem 7: Week 8-1-17 through 8-4-17

  1. Surviving Chemistry 7
  2. Lab-Equipment-Powerpoint