Chemistry 7 (2019-2020)

Welcome to the Chemistry 7 class page for the 2019-2020 school year. All assignments, concept packets (represents the textbook), daily class activities, lab notes, quiz and test announcements, etc. will be found here. The student is required to check this page every day to ensure that they are up to date with any new assignments and/or announcements.

Use of the page: Assignments are added from the bottom up. Scroll down until you find the correct dates for the correct assignments and class activities. The most recent entry will be the one at the top of the entries. Read the date carefully.

Precomp Review: 2020 Chem 7 Precomp review

Review which elements on the periodic table are gases at room temperature!

Know Heating curve of water:2020 Heating Curve Water

Study Guide: IGNORE SIG. FIGS!2020 precomps – study guide 2019[5972]

Common Exam Review Guide: 2020 Copy of 7th grade_precomps_blueprint teachers_2019-20(5116)

2020 Precomp White Board Review #1

2020 Precomp White Board Rev #2

2020 WB #3 chem 7





Week 12-12-19: Test wed; Open ended graded lab: easy cation and easy anion; Friday: Graded Lab = see document: GL easy cats, cl,I, NO3, and poy chromate test


Weeks End 12-6-19: Test Review Sheet: 2019 Test Review Chem 7 Dec 4; WB Chem 7 Dec. 4 2019


Week 12-3-19: Watch the following video: Calculating % mass of an element in chemical formula.Test next week.

11-22-19: Complete before Tuesday, 11-26-19: 2_Test 2_lab safety_measurements_matter[5273] PDF; Ignore any questions about significant figures. Test Key 11-22-19 Chem 7

Week 11-20-19:

Test Announcement: Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019 on Stoichiometry. Today Wed. Meaning Chemical formulas, % mass composition, mass-mole-molecule calculations.

Homework Week, 11-18-19; To be done by next Wednesday! Theoretical Yield, %yield and other reactant, %yield, other reactant

Week 11-13-19: Wed. = physical properties of substances; Thur. = The mole; Friday: Lab or graded lab.

Week 10-30-19: Progress Reports delivered; Practice for Ba. Fe, Ag graded lab–then two graded labs this week. #1 is separation Fe, Ag, Ba; second will be any lab going back to beginning of year; make sure to have lab handouts in your possesion–none will be provided.

Week 11-6-19: Wed: Make-up labs; See review sheet = these are the molecular ions that you are required to know! 2019 Polyanions; Know the Physical Properties of elements, molecular compounds, metals, ionic compounds: 2019 physical properties

10-24-19: white board Lewis structure drawing. Possible 5 question quiz Friday.


Week 10-23-19: Know this power point on Lewis Dot structures and Lewis Formulas:Specifically know the differences in physical properties between ionic, metallic, and covalent compounds; know how to write a Lewis Dot formula for a singular element. Lewis Structure chem 7 suba power point


Week 10-16-19: Learn how to draw Lewis Formulas or Structural Diagrams:

Lewis Formula Drawing 8-3-16

Shape LF via electrons pair



Week 10-2-19: 1) Naming Ionic and Covalent compounds: 2019 Naming Compounds, Molecular Ions

2) Separation of a mixture containing Ag+, Fe+3, Ba+2: Sep Ag, Fe, Ba and Ag with chromate


Week 9-23-19: Lab Practice Today. Test, tomorrow, 9-26-19. Graded Lab on Friday: A compound with a hard cation and an easy anion.

Week 9-16-19: Review of Zeff vs. Distance; Lab with graded lab on day 3. Review Sheet for upcoming test: 9-17-19 Test Review Chem 7

Week 9-9-19 Additional Assignment: Have videos done by Monday, 9-16-19: and

Week 9-9-19: Finish Periodic Trends. Start new lab sequence: Precipitation Analytical Lab 9-26-16

Test Announcement: Thursday, September 26.

Week 9-4-19: This week will be electron configuration, orbital diagrams, core vs. valence electrons. Quiz on last day of class. New Update! Periodic Trends: Periodic Table and Trends 2017-2018


Key to POGIL: POGIL 2019 EC and OD Key


Week 8-27-19: Read and know: Basic Structure of Atom; Electron Configuration 2017; Force of Attraction on Electron 2017; by 9-4-19


Week 8-21-19 to 8-23-19: Practice identifying salts in heterogeneous mixtures. Graded lab on Friday. For next week by Wednesday watch and know: and


Weekend: 8-17 and 8-19; Have fun. No homework!


Week 8-12-19 through 8-16-19: Labs this week. Classification Matter Lab Handout; Note: 7Cr has a quiz on Friday. 10 questions, multiple choice. Quiz covers the classification of matter and will also have lab questions. Watch site for upload of correct lab results after one day of lab. Correct Results. Download and compare your observations to the correct results. Make any corrections to your work before the quiz! Classification Matter Lab Results2


Week 8-12-19 through 8-16-19: Lab with quiz on third day of class. Quiz will cover Classification of matter and will have some questions from the lab. 10 questions, multiple choice.

Click the link for the teacher powerpoint. The presentation is listed as chem 8. This is because we are reviewing the exact same material. Chem 7 Classification of Matter 2019-2020

Classification of Matter and Mixtures and Energy

surviving-chemistry 8 20019-2020

Chemistry_7_Peter_Delannoy_BASIS_Chandler_2019_2020 Syllabus