Chemistry 8 (2019-2020)

Welcome to the Chemistry 8 class page for the 2019-2020 school year. All assignments, concept packets (represents the textbook), daily class activities, lab notes, quiz and test announcements, etc. will be found here. The student is required to check this page every day to ensure that they are up to date with any new assignments and/or announcements.

Use of the page: Assignments are added from the bottom up. Scroll down until you find the correct dates for the correct assignments and class activities. The most recent entry will be the one at the top of the entries. Read the date carefully.


Week 10-14-19: Lewis Formulas = Structural Formulas of Molecular and/or Covalent Compounds: Lewis Formula Drawing 8-3-16; Shape LF via electrons pair

Graded Lab, White Boarding this week.


Week 9-30-19: Naming Compounds and Molecular Ions and Separation of Ag, Fe and Ba; Identification of Pb, Ag, and Ba using chromate. See links below.

2019 Naming Compounds, Molecular Ions

Sep Ag, Fe, Ba and Ag with chromate

9-24-19: Graded Lab 3rd day of class.


Week 9-23-19: Tests this week: Tuesday, September 24 for Ni, Sn, Cs, Li; Thursday, September 26 for Pu. Graded Labs this week!

Flame Test Colors: Li = red, Na = orange-yellowish, Sr = red with orange, Ca = dirty orange, Cu = green, sometimes with orange streaks, Ba = silver green with yellow streaks, K = peach or lavender.


Weekend 9-21-19: Study for Test

Week 9-16-19: 1st class this week: Note: someone who made up a graded lab forgot to put their name on the make up. The make up is hanging behind my desk. Note that until I have a name, you will not get credit for the make up.

8th grade stickers go out today. Please check your students current grade. All classes completed over the next two days.

Test Review Sheet: 9-17-19 Test Review Document

Ionization Period 4 Elements (on test): Ionization Period 4 elements

Periodic Trends Ions (on test) Periodic Trends Ions with Zeff

Graded Lab this week.

Test Announcement: Tuesday, September 24 for Ni, Sn, Cs, Li; Thursday, September 26 for Pu.


Week 9-9-19: Analytical Lab this week. 8Sn will finish P. Trends on Monday. Watch the following two videos by Friday, 9-13-19; possible quiz on Friday: and Download and print the following document for lab: Precipitation Analytical Lab 9-26-16


9-3-19 to 9-6-19: Periodic Table Review, Electron Configuration first four periods, Orbital diagrams, core vs. valence electrons. See previous uploads for concepts in addition to the POGIL uploaded below. 5 question quiz last day of class this week. Quiz will cover the concepts listed above!

New Update! Periodic Trends: Periodic Table and Trends 2017-2018

8-29-19: POGIL Worksheet Key: Check your work! POGIL 2019 EC and OD Key

Week 8-26-19 to 8-29-18: Read and know the following packets: Basic Structure of Atom; Electron Configuration 2017; Force of Attraction on Electron 2017;


Week 8-19-19 to 8-23-19: Practice with heterogeneous mixtures. Graded Lab third day of class: Identification of unknown in heterogeneous mixture. The following video lesson is due by Monday, 8-20 regardless of whether you see me Monday or not: and


Weekend: 8-17 and 8-19; Have fun; no homework.


Week 8-12-19 through 8-16-19: Lab and quiz third day of class. Quiz will cover classification of matter and lab. 10 questions, multiple choice. Lab Handouts: Classification Matter Lab Results 2

8-8-19: Lab starts for 8Ni and 8Sn; 8Pu finishes Handout today. Quiz next week on last day of class for all chem 8–it will cover classification of matter.

Chem 8 Classification of Matter 2019-2020

Classification of Matter and Mixtures and Energy Handout

surviving-chemistry 8 20019-2020

Chemistry_8_Peter_Delannoy_BASIS_Chandler_2019_2020 Syllabus