Chemistry 8 (2020-2021)

Welcome to the Chemistry 8 class page for the 2020-2021 school year. All assignments, concept packets (represents the textbook), daily class activities, lab notes, quiz and test announcements, etc. will be found here. The student is required to check this page every day to ensure that they are up to date with any new assignments and/or announcements.

Use of the page: Assignments are added from the bottom up. Scroll down until you find the correct dates for the correct assignments and class activities. The most recent entry will be the one at the top of the entries. Read the date carefully.

21. P4 EC and OD Also P4 IOns

20. Orbital Diagrams

19. Graded Lab FT PPT

18. Ions In Detail

17. Periodic Table Basics Ions

16. Periodic Table Basics

15. Precipitation Reactions With Net Ionic Equations

14. Precipitation Lab

13. Flame Test Lab Forms

12. Precipitation Flame Test Lab Forms

11. Mixtures

10. Sig Figs Addition and Subtraction Forms

9. Sig Figs Multiplication and Division Forms

8. Why Sig Figs #1 Forms

7. Properties of Substances Forms

6. States of Matter #1 Forms

5. Multiplication of Numbers With Sig Figs #2

4. Significant Figures #1

3. Comparison Physical Properties: The five categories

2. Physical Properties

1. Chemistry 8 Intro Power Point Presentation