Honors Chemistry 2020-2021

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40. Types of Reactions: Bronsted Lowry Acids and Bases

39. Hardest EF to MF Problem

38. EF to MF by Calculation

37. Empirical and Molecular Formulas

36. PES #3 and EC of P4 Elements

35. Photoelectron Spectroscopy #2

34. Photoelectron Spectroscopy #1

33. Determine Oxidation Numbers and Oxidation

32. Types Reactions With Oxidation Numbers

31. Find X of Hydrate

30. Formula of a Hydrate

29. Gravimetric Analysis: Determination Chemical Formula

28. Summary EC, PE, Single, Dbl electrons

27. Quantum Numbers

26. Origins Quantum Mechanical Model

25. Graded Lab Ft, PPT

24. Precipitation Qual Open Forms

23. Flame Test, Murarka and Lab Tech.

22. Mass Spec 8-14-20 Forms

21. Honors Quiz 8-13-20 Forms

20. Amu, Mass, %Abundance Forms

19. Electron Configuration, Zeff, PE Forms

18. Electron Configuration Forms

17. Periodic Table Ions Forms

16. Periodic Table Basics Forms

15. Properties of Substances Forms

14. States of Matter #1 Forms

13. Mass Spec #4

12. Mass Spec #3

11. Mass Spec #2

10. Mass Spec #1

9. amu to mass to atomic mass

8. Electron Config., Zeff, PE

7. Electron Configuration/Potential Energy Electron

6. Electron Configuration Basics

5. Periodic Table Ions

4. Periodic Table-Basics

3. Properties of Substances

2. States Of Matter

1. Honors Chemistry Power Point Introduction