Chemistry 8 archived (#2) (2018-2019)

Welcome to the Chemistry 8 class page for the 2018-2019 school year. All assignments, concept packets (represents the textbook), daily class activities, lab notes, quiz and test announcements, etc. will be found here. The student is required to check this page each evening to ensure that what they have written in their CJ matches the notes here.

Use of the page: Assignments are added from the bottom up. Scroll down until you find the correct dates for the correct assignments and class activities. The most recent entry will be the one at the top of the entries. Read the date carefully.

Week 4-29-19: Comp Review Begins. Nightly follow-up to white board mistakes required. Stay tuned for review documents and white board postings here. 2019 Native Comp Review and Zeff cheat sheet. 5-1-19: todays white board reviews gases. Pay strict attention to the review sheets!

 2019 Comp Review and Zeff Cheat sheet  NATIVE

2019-8th-Updated Chemistry-Comp-Blueprint (2) COMMON

WB chem 8 comp rev 2018 #4 (This white board has energy and heating curve questions!)

White Board 2019 #1 Comp Review

White Board 2019 #2 Comp Review

White Board 2019 #3 Comp Review

White Board Chem 8 #4 2019 Comp

chem-8-practice-comp-2019 This is an old comp. It does not have all the concept areas on it. Several questions are similar to the 2019 native exam


Week 4-15-19: Watch ALL four spectrophotometer videos: The four videos are found under the link: Laboratories and Instruments.

Week 4-10-19: Graded Labs: review all labs dating back to beginning of year. Good Luck!

Week 3-25-19: Energy in Chemical Processes and Reactions; Understand and know packet by Wednesday, 3-27-19: Energy in Chemical Processes and Reactions

Energy in Chemical Processes and Reactions for comp


Week 3-22-19 White Boards: WB Week 3-22-19 Gases #1 WB Week 3-22-19 Gases #2

Gas Worksheet for Comp: Mixed Gas Worksheet for comp


Week 3-18-19; After Spring Break: White Boarding Gases; At least one session will be a graded white board. Gas Stoichiometry Worksheet with answers from before break: Gas Stoich Worksheet with answers


Week 3-4-19: Extra Credit Coupons are no longer accepted for the rest of T3. Content this week: Gases. The student is expected to know and understand the following packet by Friday, 3-8-19: Gas Packet A with problems


Week 2-25-19: 1) Graded Labs third class period this week. 2) You be the chemist test (not for a grade) first period all classes.

Week 2-19-19:

  1. Neutralization Lab. You have one day past our first meet to complete the following video work: Go to link, Laboratory and Instrumentation; Watch 2 Vidoes: Neutralization Lab Calculations and Neutralization Lab #2.
  2. Coupons from T2 for Extra Credit: You have between 2-25-19 and 3-1-19 to deliver into my hands the yellow extra credit coupon from T2. If you fail to provide me the coupon in this time window then the coupon is no good. No exceptions.

Week 2-11-19: Graded lab (permanganate titration) with quiz on backside on second day of class. Quiz is 5 questions: ppt, neut, redox and lab question.

Week 2-4-19: Redox Titration: It is assumed that all of the previous video work is complete. Perform a calculation after every run completed this week. QUIZ last day of class: Will cover ppt, redox, neutralization equations and laboratory question. 5 questions.

Week 1-28-19: Neutralization and Molarity: See the following videos: Link Acids and Bases: ChemDoctor: Neutralization Reactions Defined; Link Molarity Defined: Solution Molarity Defined; Link Oxidation Reduction: Oxidation Numbers in compounds, Identification of Redox Equations; Laboratory and Instruments: Permanganate lab set-up, finding iron by the permanganate titration. All by 2-4-19.

Week 1-22-19: Key to white board; ppt and redox: key to ppt and redox white board

Week 1-22-19: Types of Reactions 2018;Types Reactions Notes and Problems; molarity

Pre-Comp Review Week: Additional Materials: For Common Exam Review particle diagrams and pure substance review and the Separation of Mixtures both Homogeneous and Heterogeneous (ignore business regarding temperature and phases). White Board this week: wb chem 8 1-9-19; Stick to the 2018 Precomp Review List Common and Native posted on the link just below:

Pre-Comp Review Materials: Focus on the review list found here: 2018 Pre-Comp Review List Common and Native

Below you will find the review materials provided by the 8th grade SAD to her classes. Ignore the heating curve for water and IMFs:

Pre-Comp-Review-Part-1 2018 Pre-Comp-Review-Part-2 2018 Pre-Comp-Review-Part-3 2018

Two Practice Tests: Ignore questions dealing with molecular polarity and IMFs.

Chem 8 practice precomp 2017Chem 8 Precomp review test 2

Review White Board

WB Precomp Review chem 8 2018 2


Week 12-10-18: Last Weeks Test Returned. Stickers with current grade entered in CJ. At least one period devoted to make up labs. Next Section; Required Reading and Video assignment:  Types of Reactions 2018; Go to Molarity Defined and watch Solution Molarity Defined. Types Reactions Notes and Problems with answer documents.

Week 12-3-18: Test Week. Day one will be white board review of Lewis Formulas. Self Review after day 1.

Key to Lewis Formula White Board

White Board 11-26-18 Chem 8


Week 11-27-18: Graded Lab day 1; White Board Review for upcoming test rest of week.

11-20-18: Have a good break!

Week 11-13-18: Quiz on stoich last day of class coupled to graded lab. Video assignments: Go to theoretical yield and limiting reactants; watch ChemDoctor: Practice with limiting reactants #2, #3, #4

Test Review for December Test 2018

White Board week 11-13-18 stoich

White Board Chem 8 11-20-18

Test Announcement: Wed., December 5, Li; Thursday, December 6, Ni, Sn, Pu, Cs. BA BOOM!

Week 11-5-18: Good job doing the video work assigned last week! First day of class: Graded Lab on separation of AgCl and PbCl2. Following two days: Separation of Fe+2, Ag+, Ba+2. Make sure to have printed protocol.


Week 10-29-18; Day 1 white boarding did not go well. Therefore, there will be a second day next time the classes meet this week. No labs until you can do the EF’s, MF’s and simple stoich calculations. Quiz on EF, MF, and Stoich last day of class this week.

Week 10-29-18: White Board Day 1–EF, MF and general review. Lab with graded lab last day of class coupled to backside paper quiz on EF and MF. The following videos are required by next Monday, November 5:Got to: Theoretical Yield and Limiting Reactant: Watch: Theoretical Yield #1 in series, %yield and mass other reactant #2 in series, ChemDoctor: limiting reactant, mass remaining reactant.


Week 10-22-18: First day, white board. 1) Second Day, have the following videos watched and understood by second day we meet: Go to link: Mole and Chemical Formulas; Videos are a) ChemDoctor: the mole, b) ChemDoctor: mass to mole calculation, c) Chemdoctor: molecule to mass calculation. 2) Download, print, read and understand the following packet: Stoichiometry I 1-17-2017; White Board 10-16-18 Chem 8


Lab Update: Separation of Ag+, Fe+3, Ba+2 and Reaction of Chromate with Ag+, Pb+2 and Ba+2 Lab Handouts: Sep Ag, Fe, Ba and Ag with chromate


Week 10-15-18: Lewis Formula structure and shape; Physical Properties Molecular, Ionic, and Metallic compounds and elements. White Board day 2 of class. Physical Properties Molec, Ionic, metal


Friday, 10-5-18: Have a good break!

Monday-Friday, 10-1-18: Tests and graded labs handed back. This week Lewis Formulas of covalent compounds. See: Lewis Formula Drawing 8-3-16; VSEPR Valence shell repulsion model;Additional video support in this area is found under link: Lewis Formulas. Download and print. Know and understand before Friday, 10-5-18!

Friday, 9-28-18: Have a good weekend.

9-24-18, Monday: Test Week; Thursday, 9-27-18 for Ni, Sn, Pu, Cs. Wednesday, 9-26-18 for Li. White Board 9-14-18 Chem 8 White Board 9-20-18 Chem 8; 1% extra credit on test score for 1 gallon of distilled water delivered by Wednesday, 9-26-18. For lab this week, download and print: Separation of AgCl solid from PbCl2 solid

9-19-18: White boarding day 2 of class. Remember: Graded Lab coupled with quiz last day of class this week.

Week 9-17-18: 8th grade stickers with midterm grade entered this week on first day of class. First day all classes: white board review. Graded lab and quiz last day of class. Test Review: Test Review 9-24-18

9-13-18: Video Assignment. To be done by the end of next week on 9-21-18. A) go to link: Naming Ionic Compounds and watch 1) ChemDoctor: Type I and Type II ionic Compounds. 2) Ionization Equations. B) Go to link: Solubility and watch: ChemDoctor: double replacement precipitation reactions.

Test Announcement: Atomic Structure and Lab questions: Thursday, 9-27-18 for Ni, Sn, Pu, Cs. Wednesday, 9-26-18 for Li. #52 multiple choice questions. Stay posted for a review sheet to be uploaded soon.

Week 9-10-18: Type I and Type II Ionic Compound naming and translation. See links below. Quiz Coupled to graded lab. Last day of class this week.

White Board Week 9-4-18

Chem 8 Mandatory Molecular Ions

Types of Compounds 9-11-17;


9-6-18 and 9-7-18: Current grade entered in CJ. White boarding in classes. Labs, Friday and Monday.

Week 9-4-18 to 9-7-18: Finish Periodic Trends including EC, OD, FA, Atomic Size, IE, Reactivity 1A, 2A and 7A, Electronegativity (EN), Ions, and P. Trend Ion sizes. See below for packets. White Boarding this week on the above concepts.

Wednesday and Thursday, 8-29 and 30-18: Graded Labs for Ni, Cs, Sn. Review EC, OD, Zeff, P. Trends for Li. For rest of week: Review EC, OD, Zeff, and P. Trends by watching the following videos: Got to link: Periodic Trends. Watch IE Left to Right, IE down any group, Atomic Size Left to right and down any group.

Required Packets: Periodic Table and Trends #1 2018-2019

Periodic Trends #2



Tuesday, 8-28-18 Graded Labs this week with quiz on electron configuration. Make sure you know the EC exceptions Cr and Cu.

Graded Lab coupled with Electron Configuration quiz:

Pu = Monday

Li = Tuesday

Ni, Cs, Sn = Wednesday



Friday, 8-24-18: Lab, hard cation and unknown practice for Li, Pu, Ni. Monday, 8-27-18 Lab, hard cation and unknown practice for Sn, Cs. Graded labs next week coupled with quiz on electron configuration. Make sure you know the EC exceptions Cr and Cu.

Graded Lab coupled with Electron Configuration quiz:

Pu = Monday

Li = Tuesday

Ni, Cs, Sn = Wednesday


 Week 8-20 to 8-24: Atomic Structure. For Monday, 8-20-18 complete the following videos: Go to Link: Electron Configuration, Orbital Diagrams, and PES. Watch Electron Configuration Basics 1 and 2.

For the lab: review procedures for hard cations: Al+3, Zn+2, Ca+2, Fe+2, Fe+3, Cu+2, Ni+2(Ni is to be done on your own). See precipitation packet below.

Basic Structure of Atom

Electron Configuration 2017

Force of Attraction on Electron 2017



8-16-18 through 8-17-18: Identification of solution unknowns. Download: Precipitation Analytical Lab 9-26-16; Anions include: chloride, iodide, sulfate, and nitrate. Cations include Murarka Cations and Testable Cations.

Separation of Homogeneous Mixture and TLC notes:




8-13-18 through 8-15-18: Graded Labs for Heterogeneous Mixtures. Intro to testing for nitrate and Homogeneous Mixtures.


8-9-18 and 8-10-18: Separation and identification of salt from start to finish. 8Li last practice day. All other groups graded lab-heterogeneous mixtures.


8-6-18 through 8-10-18: Separation Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Mixtures in the Lab including the identification of a simple salt in solution. Lab Protocol: Separation Heterogeneous Mixture and Identification of Salt; Analytical Lab Procedures: Precipitation Analytical Lab 9-26-16



CJ: Chem 8 Week 8-1-18 through 8-5-18; Complete the files shown below by 8-5-18. You cannot use an TI Inspire calculator in Chem 8 (see below for option).

1. surviving-chemistry 8 20018-2019

2.Chem 8 Intro 2018

3. Special Notes: 1) 2% extra credit if you bring in 2 gallons of distilled water.


2) Non-Programmable Calculator: